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Couples Counseling

     Couples counseling requires all the understanding necessary to work with individuals as well as    unique skills to navigate the stormy dynamics particular to couples. For that reason, I designed an entirely different site devoted to couples counseling: 
There you will find a number of in-depth articles addressing relevant themes. 

1) Couples Counseling:  General Considerations           
2)When Couples Finally Seek Counseling: 
Typical Scenarios           
Common “Revolving Door” Problem Patterns           
Key Elements Driving Common Relationship Problem Patterns           
First Session:  Don't Worry, There Aren't Any Needles           
Couples Counseling Strategies
3)   When Our Best Communication Skills Aren't Yet Up To The Task
4)   The Phases and Stages Couples Grow Through

5)   Recommended Reading for Couples

6)   Depression in Relationships
7)   Advanced Concepts in Marriage Counseling