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Bernard McDowell, LCSW      
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling  
2700 SE 26th Avenue, Suite D Portland, Oregon 97202
Please Note that Mr. McDowell is on a "sabbatical" as of October 10, 2014.  If you are searching for a therapist, call the number above for referral information.  This is being left online because many people report appreciating the articles here.  May you enjoy and benefit from them.

This site provides a wealth of information on depression and its treatment, couples counseling, and a variety of other topics related to counseling and psychotherapy. Organized into several broad topics, here you will find articles on anger, communication, confidentiality, and how to choose a therapist as well as depression. Generally, each section has an orientation page leading to in-depth articles with a link to my other site devoted to couples counseling. To explore, simply click on any of the topics to the left or on the list below. If you have any questions whatsoever on these topics or would like to discuss the possibility of working with Bernard McDowell, please call 503-234-9904.

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   Bernard McDowell, lcsw
2700 SE 26th Avenue, Suite D
    Portland, OR 97202

Located at the corner of SE 26th and
Clinton in "Close-in" Southeast Portland
area; approximately 1 mile from the East Side of the Ross Island Bridge, the office is convenient for those on the West side as well as the East side. (1.6 miles from the East side of the Morrison Bridge; 15 min or less from NW & NE Portland; 20-25 minute drive from I-5 & 217; 25 minutes from the Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego areas; 20 min from the Mall 205 area; 20 min from Gladstone; 25 min from Oregon City.)

More detailed directions: Going east across the Ross Island, you will be on SE Powell. Go .7 mile to the third stop light and make a left onto SE 26th Avenue (Cleveland High is on the corner). Then go approximately 1/4 mile to SE Clinton where there is both a stop sign and a blinking red light. At that stop sign, the Clinton Theater is to your left and immediately to your right is the K&F Coffee Shop. My office is directly above the front door of the K&F. However, to get to the entrance of the offices, you need to make a right onto SE Clinton and go approximately 50 feet to the driveway/parking lot behind the building. Walk up the driveway. There is one outside staircase. Go up the steps and my office is Suite D on the right. My name is the first name on the door.